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Monday, September 09, 2013

cikuuuuu CHAK!!

It's been thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat long.
Me on job hunting again.
And possibly another baby, next year...
4 before 35, I guess, is achievable.

Friday, July 06, 2012


Thought the last post will be my last.

Nevertheless, I would like to share my second experience of delivering my new bundle of joy, or this time I named it as OurBoy! (since we knew it was a boy since the 1st time we went for scanning and that was at 13 weeks of pregnancy).

This time around the delivery was quick, but the contraction, Braxton Hicks hits me at 8 months of pregnancy, and the 10 - 30 minutes strong + mild contraction hits me a week before the delivery date, dilation and blood show 2 days before delivery date and the 5/10 minutes strong contraction start 12 hours before the delivery time.

I never plan to take any leave before my EDD (which is on the final week of June), but somehow i felt a very strange and quite painful contraction 2 weeks earlier. So during my weekly checkup at 38 weeks, the nurse have somehow predicted that I won't make it for my 39 weeks check up since the head is already down there.

Boy, she was wrong. I have gotten myself an MC until my delivery date which was supposed to be that soon. MyLove! anticipate that the baby will come up on his birthday which is on the 16th, but OurBoy! still comfortabe being in my tummy. At this stage I'm super tired, feeling heavier and unproductive.

A day before my 39 weeks checkup, I've decided to do heavy house work. So, i swept the floor, mopped, carrying heavy things, move around things in the house bla bla bla just to make OurBoy! to come out soon. And my plan works!

On Wednesday 20th June, I went to clinic in the morning, did a routine checkup, still nothing new. But in the afternoon, after picking up Nina from nursery, we all went to Alamanda for dinner. We've been walking around up and down before deciding to have dinner at Rasa food court instead. As I went to the ladies for my quick business, then I saw something that I've never thought that I would - blood show.

We had a quick dinner, and MyLove! rushed us to the hospital thinking that I was already in labour. The doctors did the checking, and the dilation is already at 2cm, but the height of the bag is also at 2cm (still to far and hard for them to even check on the dilation) and I was discharged after 2 hours there. huh.

and bermulalah kisah sakit yang berpanjangan.

the peak of the contraction started at midnight of 22nd June. can't sleep, woke up every 10 - 15 minutes, at any sleeping position. Then I decided to watch Portugal vs Chec Republic euro game on my rattan rocking chair. Thank God I was able to sleep during the 1st half of the game peacefully. But after that, xble tahan lagi.

At 6am, I told MyLove! to bring me to hospital that morning. But we have to wait for the usual morning jam toward Putrajaya to be smooth again. We had early breakfast, and we were on our way to Hospital only at 9am.

Some of the nurses still recognized me from the day before. After checking on dilation which is at 4-5cm already, I was told to relax outside with MyLove! for them to prepare me for delivery.

Called a few family members, had a few hot drinks and finally been called in again at about 1030am. The doctors need to break my water bag at the checkup room before bring me to the delivery room. But somehow, the bag won't burst, and the water content was THAT much!. OurBoy!'s head was blocking the way and the doctors keep pushing the baby head to get the special apparatus inside the bag. Still failed.

They need to use another technique by putting a small tube and break the bag through the tube, but this can only be done in the delivery room. I was pushed inside the delivery room, the same room as Nina's and the doctors did all the commotion at around 1130am.

The hardest part came. After my water broke, the contraction was super strong at just 2 minutes apart. And suddenly, the nurse said ask me to get ready to teran. Panicking, I asked, "dah 10 cm ke?".

"dah nampak kepala dah tu" I asked them to call MyLove!. tapi x sempat, and sudah kene suruh push. and wallah! OurBoy! was out at 12.09pm, crying and screaming loudly. and I did the pushing thingy all by myself without MyLove!.

MyLove! came in about 5 minutes later to azan the baby and temaning me to go to wad, which I have to wait for another 2 hours.

Baby is healthy but his cry.. mmg kalah la Nina. :p

The end.

Friday, June 08, 2012

new post?

hi blog...
i neglect you for the pass 10 months..
just to inform u that i'm expecting 2nd child soon.
and maybe this will be my last post here because i just don't feel like writing anymore.
or maybe, that's what i feel write now.
and thanks to FB and twitter, i have no reason to use u often anymore.
who knows, i might come back to u again.
Insya Allah

the blog owner